США ведет в Казахстане строительство сверхдорогой биологической лаборатории двойного назначения.

the bond squeeze play seems so simple in its execution - scare foreign black marketeers into monetizing their dirty assets as dollars and precipitating their cash back through institutional usage like mozzarella balls through an old pantyhose, or drive global insecurity home into the t-bill and sit on a fat pile of turgid liquidity until either some politician thinks up a war or some gunrunner books a charter into lugansk -

I Been Run For Your Lovers

what so righteously convinced i have the chops for? 

why the hubris? don’t you see the fall coming? the lack of a dental plan, the need for a vacation - where will you go?

japan - hokkaido, for to learn snowboarding in the powder and just be last time in my life crazy and out of touch - 

fly in fly out - via astana or almaty - take me in and push me over to japan from your hub, at least via hong kong - can i go in from there?

i don’t know - i can’t find anything on kayak - maybe it’s seasonal - 

there’s service from sapporo down to kobe, can i get a flight direct into kobe? will i make a different entry pattern? will it get dinged at all, or is it too small of a port to filter into regular data processing? those guys at the top game their guesses too - they can’t spread themselves too thinly, just on appearance’s sake -

the data collection is very subtle - most of what they scan through at port entries is part of a removal filter - a web designed to eliminate suspects from a list too long - 

the artificial intelligence composites data from pardoned names and creates statistical profiles to categorize subscribers and let them live normal, uninterrupted lives - 

those who fall foul of the statistical limits are hand-screened and subjected to visual interrogations with database researchers on headsets behind one-way mirrors or monitors - 

subjects were enticed to reveal details, results were checked, matches were released -

and yet through customs the search line diversion was invoked each and every time - to push back at the free-range gumline that had included back into my mouth while living outside of the american cop’s socio-cultural gaze - 

the gaze of punishment - only in our society is there a chilled spine and rear-view check of the mirror by everybody whenever being passed the opposite way by a cop -

and we’re white -

for blacks it’s only worse, and it’s un-american -

И тот кто нас поймал в ловушку, должен нас освободить

the swirling discs they are the future - their spirals shoot up and down a plasma bolt of conductive thiolide - there is no motor, the only vector is a hodograph telemetry unit in each nosecone, not rotating, holding a true course to north -

carbon fiber, nanofuel, graphene threads through kevlar beads - 400,000 per season, 20-80,000 deployed in any one given storm condition two event - 

russia launches them into the arctic stratosphere, electrified winds sliding over the tops of an aurora borealis made sharper by low grade radio humming - it makes the shot go over like a slam dunk basket trick ball on a rollercoaster on TV -

tonight the dakotas to oklahoma are under attack -  stormchasers have 36 units in nebraska alone - there is a level 2 hospital adding staff and the governor has called up the national guard to see if snowplows are even relevant 

men with brilliant minds asked for their research to be funded, and it was - in return they give their lenders the greatest weapon ever invented -

the Ion Gun - 

the tactical application of the applied equation given to north american tornado alley topography, anti-ballistic vector spiral cloud computing and random word association pattern recognition tests - 

Wilco’s third studio album

when warm, moist air up from the shallow gulf of mexico jumps the fence and aims for the jetstream, strong impulses of cold air come rushing south to fill the pressure gap, tearing up great swathes of the great plains with each terrible system of tornados unleashed -

Ion Gun displacement pellets come bursting into this fertile environment, bellyfuls of juicy thiolide tablets - so so able to pleasure the electrical impulses of a thousand pregnant clouds - the kremlin laughs at all the bad weather they sent us - 

just from a tactical point of view, what’s the point in attacking the first descent in a circuit race?

Ruzgar by yoldadeniz